♦  Your meal plan allows you to eat in a Dining Services operated dining hall or retail facility only.

♦  NOT ALL of Dining Services retail facilities accept the meal plan.

♦  If you choose to use your meal plan in our retail locations, you will be allowed a $6.00 meal value for Breakfast and a $8.00 meal value for Lunch which will consist of a center of the plate item such as a sandwich, a side, and a fountain beverage. Most of the items on the menu will fit into this $6.00/ $8.00 value, but if you choose an item that requires more than $6.00/$8.00, you will be charged the difference in cash, credit, or RU Express.

Retail Locations that accept Meal Plans

Kilmer’s Market (11-3pm and again from 5-8pm)

The Rock Cafe (all day)

Sbarro Pizza (all day)

Red Pine Pizza (all day)
The Douglass Cafe (all day)

The Cook Cafe (from opening until 6pm)

The Knight Wagon (all day)

Woody’s (accepting swipes from open until 11am, and from 1pm to close)

CabFare (all day)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why these policies are in place

Rutgers Dining Services meal plans are designed for “All you care to eat” in the Dining Halls. We understand that students are very busy and need the flexibility to eat on the run, since sitting in a dining hall requires more time than a quick serve retail location.

Why is my meal swipe valued at $8 when I may have paid more for that swipe?

Overhead, in the retail locations our costs are much different than in the dining halls. We are required to purchase take out containers, cups, lids, plastic forks, knives, spoons, plastic bags, and pay royalties and or rent.

Here is an example as to how our costs are broken down if you paid $14 for your meal swipe. In the food service industry, expenses are broken down into four parts: 30% is the cost of food, 30% is the cost of labor, 30% is Fixed Expenses (utilities, rent, etc..) which leaves 10% for capital improvement (upgrades, repairs and renovations)

If our plate cost for your meal is $4.20, which includes your center of the plate item, side, beverage, plastic, paper goods and condiments, then we need to allocate $4.20 to Labor and $4.20 to Fixed Expenses, which would, leave only $1.40 for capital improvements.

Ultimately the biggest bang for your buck is in the dining hall because of the “all you care to eat option” which we are able to do because of the economy of scale and not having the expenses associated with retail operations

Why you are not allowed to just swipe for multiple beverages, yogurts etc... if I don't want a full meal?

We do not have enough store room space or refrigerator space to accommodate the amount of product required for “Grocery Shopping”.  Years ago we allowed students to swipe for anything they wanted up to a value of $8.00, and this resulted in constant outages, warm beverage items, and an overall poor experience for our students.

Currently Rutgers Dining Services serves over 30,000 meals every day with a large amount of that coming from our retail locations. Our retail units were designed for 25% of the volume they are currently experiencing. We are striving to better serve you on a daily basis and will be opening more retail locations for you to use with your meal plan in the future.