Requests to add, change, or cancel your meal plan for the Spring 2024 semester can now be made online. The last day to reduce or cancel your meal plan is Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

New Brunswick Meal Plans 2023-2024

Meal Plan Cost Per Semester Meals Per Semester
285 Plan $3,260 285
255 Plan $3,145 255
210 Plan* $2,939 210
150 Plan** $2,777 150
75 Plan $1,366 75
50 Plan*** $1,015 50

Rutgers offers the 75 and 50 meal plans to fit the needs of apartment residents, commuter students and others living off campus who want the convenience of an occasional on-campus meal. Both these plans also allow the same flexibility as the other plans, as well as the ability to use up to 10 meals each semester for guests. Off-campus and students residing in university apartments may select any of the meal plans, including the 75 or 50 meal plans, but they are not required to have one.

*First-Year Students living in residential dorms are required to minimally have a 210 Meal Plan.   
**Upper Class Students living in a residential dorms are required to minimally have a 150 Meal Plan.


***A 2020 Rutgers–New Brunswick study* found that 31.5% of undergraduate students experienced food insecurity, which may affect their well-being and academic success. We also know that almost 40% of apartment residents already take advantage of a Meal Plan, and we want to encourage you to do so as well. The availability of Dining locations around campus, near to classes and residences, provides meal options to students who are away from their residences for a prolonged time or do not easily have access to meals. As a result, an optional minimal 50 meals a semester plan will be assigned to all apartment residents beginning the Fall 2023 semester.


* Cuite, C.L., Brescia, S.A., Willson, K., Weintraub, D., Walzer, M., Bates, L. (2020). Basic Needs Insecurity Among Rutgers-New Brunswick Students.


If you have additional questions, please contact the RU Express and Board Plan Office.

RU Express and Board Plan Office
4 Jones Ave
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: (848) 932-8041
Office hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4 pm

**Terms and conditions are subject to change**

Additional Information

How can students get meals from dining halls when they're too sick to go to the hall themselves?

If a student is unable to pick up meals due to a current illness, Dining Services will allow the student to designate a pick-up person who will have permission to swipe for meals (using the student’s RUID card /meal plan) at a dining hall location and bring these meals to you.

If a student is ill, the student should reach out to the dining hall manager (click here for the staff directory) with the following information: 

  1. The name and RUID of the person(s) designated as the “meal pick-up person”. Multiple people can be listed, if needed)
  2. The duration of your illness (how long the service will be needed)
Below is the procedure for meal picked up
Pick Up Meal Procedure: 
1. Visit our home page or the Rutgers app for menu offerings.
2. Tell the meal pick-up person what you would like to eat and provide them with the student’s RUID card, so the pick-up person can travel to the dining hall to pick up the meal.
3. Upon arrival, please have the pick-up person go to the meal card swipe area and ask for a Dining Hall Manager. The Manager will provide the pick-up person with a to-go container and allow them to collect the meal from the serving area. They will be permitted to leave with the to-go meal and deliver this meal to the ill student.

Daily Retail and Takeout Policy

Outside of the all-you-care-to-eat dining halls, three (3) meal swipes per day is permitted.

This applies to retail operations and dining hall takeout. You are always welcome to eat in the dining halls as often as you choose.

Meal Plan Requests and Changes

The last day to reduce or cancel the meal plan for the Spring 2024 semester is on Tuesday January 30, 2024.

Meal plans may be added or increased anytime throughout the semester. but all requests to reduce or cancel your meal plan must be made by the end of the second week of each semester. Cancellation requests of unused meal plans made after the two week change period, but before the end of the 12th week of the semester, will be allowed for a $50 cancellation fee.  There are no refunds issued beyond the 12th week of the semester.

Requests may be made at the RU Express/Board Plan Office or online.

The online request form will only be available up to the first two weeks of the new semester. Requests made via the online form will not be immediate and may take up to five business days to process. An automatic email response containing your request will be emailed to you once you press the submit button. Please keep this for your documentation. A second email will be sent to you indicating whether your request was processed (approved) or denied within five business days. Make sure you contact the RU Express Office if you do not receive the result of your request within that time period.

Multiple requests may be made, but please keep in mind that your last valid request will supersede all other requests. Once your request has been approved, the corresponding charge will be placed on your term bill/statement of accounts in one to two business days.

Guest Meal Rates

Meal plans are non-transferable, but students may use 10 of their meals for their guest(s). Only one guest meal may be allocated for each guest. Guest(s) must be present when utilizing guest meals.

Rates below are if cash, credit or RU Express is used.

Breakfast $14.00 plus 6.625% sales tax
Lunch $18.00 plus 6.625% sales tax
Dinner $21.00 plus 6.625% sales tax
Brunch $18.00 plus 6.625% sales tax

Rutgers students are tax exempt by showing a valid student I.D.

Children’s Rate for guests 10 and under

Breakfast $11.00 plus 6.625% sales tax
Lunch $13.00 plus 6.625% sales tax
Dinner $15.00 plus 6.625% sales tax
Brunch $13.00 plus 6.625% sales tax

Children over age 10 pay the regular guest meal rate.

Mini Block

A mini block is equivalent to five meals. The option to purchase mini blocks is available only to students that are currently enrolled in a Rutgers Dining Services meal plan and is available for purchase after the first two weeks of the semester. Students may only purchase a maximum of five mini blocks in any given semester. Contact the RU Express/Board Plan Office for instructions on purchasing.

Medical and Dietary Consideration

Rutgers Dining Services will work with students who have special dietary needs to ensure a medically appropriate and nutritionally sound diet. Complete the Medical and Dietary Consideration Form and return it to the RU Express/Board Plan Office, Records Hall Room 102, College Avenue Campus, to initiate a professional review of your nutritional and dietary concerns. You may contact the Nutritionist by clicking here.

Kosher Meal Option

Rutgers University dining halls are non kosher facilities. Dining Services does provide upon request; pre-packaged kosher meals at any of the dining halls. Simply contact a dining hall manager before arriving at any of the dining hall locations to request a kosher meal to be available. Students interested in a kosher meal plan may contact Chabad House. On-campus residential students opting to purchase a Chabad House meal plan are exempt from the minimum meal plan requirement with Dining Services upon verification of participation, at a certain minimum plan size, by the Rabbi. First year residential students must sign up with at least a 14 meal plan, while upperclassman residential students must sign up with at least a 10 meal plan with Chabad to be exempt from a Rutgers Dining meal plan.

Dining Services is allowing students to mix and match a Rutgers Dining Services meal plan with a Chabad meal plan to meet the Rutgers Dining Services meal plan requirements.
Here are examples of possible options for a first year student assigned to a dorm who is required to have a 210mp:
  1.  Get a Rutgers 210 meal plan or higher
  2.  Get a Chabad Traditional 225 meal plan or higher
  3.  Get a Rutgers 150 meal plan AND a Chabad Part-Time 80 meal plan
  4.  Get a Rutgers 50 meal plan AND a Chabad Flex 160 meal plan.

End of Semester Meal Swipes

Any unused meals will expire at the end of each semester, and you will not receive any credits or refunds for unused meals. Remaining number of meals can be monitored each time you use your card by using this link. The meal plan selected for the fall semester will automatically be selected and charged to the term bill for the spring semester. It is the student’s responsibility to make payment for meal plan charges placed on their term bill, regardless of whether an actual bill is sent.

Cancellation Requests

Students who have withdrawn or have been dismissed from the University must notify the RU Express and Board Plan Office as soon as possible to ensure the appropriate adjustments are made to their financial record.  Residential students who terminate their dorm housing arrangement prematurely must also contact Dining Services directly at the RU Express/Board Plan Office to request release from their meal plan.  Refunds will be determined on a prorated basis for those in such situations mentioned above. The most refund one can get after the first two weeks of the semester and before the end of the 12th week of the semester is 60% of the cost of the meal plan minus meals used.  There are no refunds issued after the 12th week of the semester.