Rutgers Dining Services is one of the largest student dining operations in the country, operating five student dining facilities serving over 6.7 million meals and several cash facilities serving over 370,000 meals annually.   In addition to serving students, Rutgers Catering provides service for over 5000 university events.

Dining Services operates continuously from 7 am until 9 pm weekdays in the main dining room and is available for take-out meals from 7 am until midnight campus-wide.   Continuous service is also available weekends with slightly shorter hours of service.   Additionally, Rutgers Dining Services hosts various theme dinners and other special events during the school year. Our website offers the daily menu at each dining hall, and the Healthy Dining Team encourages students to make positive eating choices.

Rutgers Dining Services is self-operated and provides service to the New Brunswick/Piscataway and Camden Campuses.

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