Students are required to present a valid RUconnection ID card when they enter a dining hall. The ID card and your selected meal plan are for your personal use only and are not transferable to anyone else. ID cards will be confiscated if presented by anyone other than the student it was originally issued to. A replacement fee of $20 will be charged for the reactivation and return of confiscated ID cards. Misuse of the ID card will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students. Penalties for second offense can range from loss of meal privileges to cancellation of meal plan without refund, in addition to discipline through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Students may only enter the dining hall through the main entrance at the courtesy desk. Students entering through any other door, without presenting a valid ID card, will be subject to discipline by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Students are expected to be courteous to fellow students and dining personnel. Jumping the line is forbidden. All students and guests are required to enter at the end of the line and proceed in turn.

All students and guests are required to clear their table and deposit all plates, glasses, silverware etc., in the proper location before leaving the dining hall. This is a stipulation of your meal plan contract.

No food may be taken out of the dining hall, except for items from takeout facilities, prearranged boxed meals and certain snack items when they are part of a special dinner. Plates, glasses, silverware etc., are the property of Dining Services and may not be borrowed or removed from the dining halls. Anyone violating this policy will be subject to discipline by the Office of the Dean of Students. Any incident involving theft from Dining Services, a criminal activity, will also be reported to the police.

As an alternative to the “All you care to eat” option in the dining halls, each dining hall offers a takeout service. The hours of service and menu selections vary at each dining hall. Portions are limited in the takeout areas. If you have a hearty appetite, you are permitted to swipe up to two of your meals at one time, to receive an additional takeout portion. Meals are still not transferable, but if you have a guest present with you, you may also use one of your guest meals for that person.

Many requests come in from students wishing to donate meals to charitable organizations, the homeless, soup kitchens, or organizations sponsoring events. Meals and meal plans are not transferable however there are three different procedures whereby Dining Services will assist with providing food or funds for a social event or a specific cause. The purpose of both the Meal Exchange Program and Meal Swipe for Catered Event Credit is to provide food or meal credit for those students who will actually attend the scheduled event.
Meal Swipe for Charity is the only permitted “donation” program.

Meal Swipe for Charity

The Meal Swipe for Charity Program is an opportunity for students to donate meal swipes to benefit a charitable organization.

  • This program is specifically for “outside,” legitimate, charitable organizations and is not intended to support any University or student group.
  • The charitable organization is selected by RUSA (the Rutgers University Student Assembly) from proposals received from student groups.
  • Only one charitable organization per academic year is selected by RUSA.
  • Only unused “guest meal swipes” may be donated.
  • The “food cost” value (currently $3) is accumulated by collecting guest meal swipes. Dining Services issues a check to the selected charity.
  • If your proposal is selected by RUSA, you may request tables at the dining halls.
  • To submit a proposal, please contact RUSA.

Meal Swipe for Catered Event Credit

If you are interested in having a full catered event, you should contact our catering department. They have a variety of menus you can choose from. Once you arrange your event, students who have meal plans, and will be attending, can sign away one of their guest meals to offset the full catered price of the event.  If you wish to use this option, it must be done in advance when your catered event is planned. Each student who wishes to sign away a guest meal must do so in person in advance at the selected dining hall.

Meal Exchange for Social Event

Meal Exchanges are the simplest, most cost effective way for an organization to have food at a social event. The courtesy desk can assist you with these basic meal exchanges.  An organizer goes to the dining hall closest to where the event will take place, and sets up a meal exchange contract with the cashier or manager of that dining hall.  The most popular menus are barbecues (We provide burgers, hot dog, veggie burgers and accompaniments.  You cook the food yourself on your own grill.  Hoagie Parties, Bagel Brunch, Taco Party and other menus are available.

The dining hall will allow you a sign up period, where each student who will attend comes into the dining hall and signs away one guest meal. The sign up period ends 5 business days before the event. On the date of the event, you go to the dining hall and pick up bulk food for each person who signed away a valid guest meal. There is a minimum of 25 people for meal exchanges.

  • Any action which might jeopardize the safety of yourself or others is prohibited.
  • No one barefooted will be admitted to any dining hall.
  • Roller blades and/or skates may not be worn inside any of the dining halls.
  • Skateboards/longboards may not be brought into the dining halls.

Alcoholic beverages and drugs are never permitted in the dining halls. Anyone possessing, or under the influence of these substances will be required to leave the premises.

Soliciting and canvassing are prohibited in the dining halls without written permission from the Executive Director of Dining Services.