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Stop us if you have ever seen such a variety of seafood all for the cost of one meal swipe!

Managers read some of the unique comments from students left on our napkin board.

Can you imagine a delicious, flavorful chocolate mousse that is also vegan, nut free and soy free? Well that is exactly what Rutgers Dining Services has created!

This may look like your average burger but it is far from average. Take a look and find out how!

Ever imagine having a deliciously flavorful healthy, vegan, nut free and soy free chocolate mousse? Well that is exactly what Rutgers Dining Services created!

Dining Services creates dishes for over 35,000 meal per day totalling over 6.5 million meals per year!

A couple years ago as part of Dining Services’ ongoing sustainability initiative, the dining halls remove all trays from their student operations with amazing results!

To celebrate Rutgers University’s 250th anniversary, a special dinner was held that included items that would have been served back in 1766.

This video highlights Harvest at IFNH, a truly unique experience here at Rutgers.

Trayless? How about going plateless!

To commemorate the 250th anniversary of Rutgers University, Pepsi released a special edition can.

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Chefs are tasked with creating a meal within a one hour timeframe based off of NACUFS specifications. The winner represents Rutgers Dining at the NACUFS Regional Conference.

All four dining halls transform into a chocolate lover’s dream on this night. Everything from Chocolate fondue to ice cream sandwich stations are available.

One of the premier events at Rutgers Dining Services, this event offers students dozens of types of seafood (including fresh Maine lobster) all for just one meal swipe!

This dining hall theme meal features everyone’s holiday favorites under one roof!

Boardwalk Bonanza is one of the premiere dining hall theme meal in which each dining hall is turned into a boardwalk carnival. Experience carnival games, food and have a chance to win prizes! Over $25,000 worth of prizes are given out each year.

During this dining hall theme meal, the menu is created by members of the Healthy Dining Team (comprised of all students). The menu features even healthier versions of dishes that a student would typically see in a dining hall.

The dining hall version of Iron Chef is a competition in which students create a unique dish using only ingredients in the dining hall. The dish is then critiqued by judges and the top 3 winners receive a prize!