The beverage delivery and set up fee is $60.

To ensure a timely setup the catering driver will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the contracted start time. Please ensure building/room access and rectangle tables are available.

Appropriate 12 oz. hot or cold cups, lids, ice, stirrers, appropriate condiment & cocktail napkins will be provided.

Pricing and availability of items are subject to change. Please contact a catering representative for the most up to date information.

Seattle’s Best

Fresh brewed regular & decaf coffee & assorted teas

$7 per person


20oz Dasani

$24 per case of 24/$1.50 each


Assorted canned soda

Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger-Ale, Sprite Zero, Sprite

$24 per 24 cans (2) 12 packs/$1.50 per can


The Big Bev

delivered in a 2.5 gallon thermal cambro

*approximately 32- 10oz cups


Ice Water- $32

Lemonade or Iced tea- $70

Hot Chocolate- $100


Seattle’s Best fresh brewed regular- $120

Seattle’s Best fresh brewed Decaf Coffee- $120

Hot water, assorted teas & appropriate condiments- $70


10oz Minute maid orange juice or Apple juice

$2 each


20oz bottles of Saratoga sparkling water

$25 per case of 24



$1.00 per pound