Introducing the Atrium

Artist Renderings

Monday to Thursday 7am - 11pm
Friday 7am - 9pm
Saturday to Sunday 9:30am - 8pm

Dining Services is pleased to announce that we have renovated the College Avenue Student Center Atrium into a new, more modern and innovative food service destination. This dynamic food service destination replaces Brower Commons Dining Hall, which has served the Rutgers community well for over 60 years, while Rutgers University continues its 2030 plan for the College Avenue campus to include a new dining hall. The food concepts in the Atrium will join Café West as dining locations on the College Avenue Campus. 

The five concepts include:

Pi Pizza

Mezze (Mediterranean)

Scarlet Ginger (Asian)

Three Chilies (Southwestern Tex/Mex)

King’s Hawaiian burger/sandwich concept

Each location will accept Dining Services Meal plans as well as cash, credit, debit, RU Express, and mobile device payments. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Atrium located?

The Atrium is located on the lower level of the College Avenue Student Center. The address is 126 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. 

What are the hours?

Monday to Thursday 7am – 11pm

Friday 7am – 9pm

Saturday to Sunday 9:30am – 8pm

What food options are available?

The Atrium’s concepts include Pizza, Mediterranean, Asian, Southwestern Tex/Mex and a King’s Hawaiian (burgers and sandwiches). In addition, there are a variety of salads, wraps, paninis, cold sandwiches, and snacks available. 

Does the Atrium accept Meal Swipes?

Yes, in addition to accepting cash, credit, debit, RU Express and mobile device payments, meal swipes are accepted at the Atrium.

How many meal swipes can I use at The Atrium?

Before 9pm at The Atrium:
Students can swipe up to three (3) times per day at The Atrium before 9pm. These three (3) swipes will not be included as part of the retail daily limit of three (3) per day.
After 9pm at The Atrium (Monday – Thursday from 9-11pm)
Student swipes WILL be part of the retail daily limit of three (3) per day.

Is the Atrium able to accommodate students with dietary restrictions and religious preferences?

Yes, students with medically document dietary restrictions and religious preferences will be provided meal accommodations to match their prescribed diet. Students with dietary restrictions should reach out to our Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists at:

Is The Atrium an all you care to eat facility?

Due to the food court style of The Atrium, it will not be an all you care to eat facilityOur student body has embraced the “grab and go” concept in recent years and this is geared towards their desire for ease and convenienceThere will be seating in the Atrium, but it is not the classic dining hall with all you care to eat service. 

Is there be a place to sit and eat?

Yes. There are hundreds of seats available for all guests to sit and eat their meal at any time.

Will there be an all you care to eat facility on the College Avenue Campus?

In the near term, there will not be an “all you care to eat” facility on the College Avenue campus. Students are able to use meal swipes up to three times per day to dine at the Atrium  as part of the retail swipe policy. Neilson Dining Hall, Livingston Dining Commons and Busch Dining Hall all remain as “all you care to eat” facilities on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses. 

Where else can I use my meal swipe?

There are over a dozen places across four campuses where students can use their meal swipes. For the full list of locations and hours, visit our places to eat page.

Do I need a meal plan to dine at the Atrium?

All are welcome to dine at the Atrium. Cash, credit, debit, RU Express and mobile device payments are all accepted in addition to the Dining Services meal plan. 

Can meal plan holders guest swipe at the Atrium?

Yes, guest meal swipes will be available for students to use for their guestsThere are a maximum of 10 swipes per semesterThey are included in your meal planFor example, if you have a 210 meal plan, you may use 10 of those 210 for guests, all 210 for yourself, or any combination in betweenGuest swipes are not in addition to your meal plan.