Requests to add, change, or cancel your meal plan for the Spring 2021 semester can now be made online. The last day to reduce or cancel your meal plan was Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

Spring 2021 Hours and Info

You will be able to use your meal plan to order online for pick up at Busch Dining Hall, Kilmer’s Market and Cafe West! You are free to stop in during their hours of operation below and order a la carte but why wait? You can just order using the links below, pick up your meal, and be on your way. Social distancing protocols will be in place including, but not limited to, 6 foot distance floor markers and a requirement to wear a mask upon entering. We will offer contactless payment using your meal plan as well.

Rutgers Dining Services looks forward to serving you and welcoming you back!

Quick Links

Note: Online ordering is not available at Busch Dining Hall on weekends. Please visit us during normal operating hours.

The links above are only active when the location is open

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Busch Dining Hall

Busch Dining Hall offers an extensive menu seven days a week. 

 The menu includes but is not limited to, soups, green salads, composed salads, fresh fruit, yogurt cups, breakfast sandwiches, cereal cups & milk, bagels and deli sandwiches. Busch offers a large selection of Build Your Own (BYO) Stations including Sautéed chicken, shrimp, salmon, tofu & beef kabobs. BYO Pasta, Stir Fry and Omelet Stations are available. You can also get all your favorite items including, chicken wings, chicken parmesan, burgers, Philly cheese steaks, hot dogs, samosas, chicken tenders and pizza, to name a few.  

All meal swipe BYO entrees come with sides like roasted potato, rice & grilled vegetables.  Vegetarian and vegan entrees are available every day, as are chips, snacks, cookies, desserts, coffee, bottle drinks and Coca Cola fountain beverages.  

Spring 2021 Hours of Operation


Main Serving Area (enter through the main entrance)

Weekdays 8am – 8pm

Mobile Ordering

Weekdays 11am – 8pm

Takeout Area Only (entrance through dinner takeout)

Weekends 10am – 8pm


*Please note*

On Saturday and Sunday, only the dinner takeout entrance will be open. Please call 848.445.4253 with any questions.

Kilmer's Market

Kilmer’s Market is a seven-day a week retail operation that offers hot and cold entrees with a variety of healthy side dishes. 

The daily menu includes steak, chicken, salmon, and tofu prepared in a variety of styles. Sides include broccoli, asparagus, green beans, grilled vegetables, green salads and composed salads. If you crave comfort food, we serve up wings, mac & cheese, burgers, fries, and pizza with traditional toppings as well as baked pasta dishes. 

Breakfast sandwiches are available all day and you can pick up additional breakfast items like bagels, hot and cold cereal, breakfast bars and energy drinks.  Kilmer’s also has sandwiches, chips, snacks, candy, ice cream, bottled beverages, coffee, and tea. An added feature at Kilmer’s Market is the option to purchase toiletries, school supplies and other grocery items. 

Meal swipes are accepted all day along with RU Express credit cards and cash. The online ordering option is highly recommended to promote safety and expedite your visit.

Spring 2021 Hours of Operation

Weekdays 8am – 8pm
Weekends 10am – 8pm

Cafe West

Cafe West offers a complete and diverse menu seven days a week for your on-campus dining needs.
The menu includes but is not limited to, soups, green salads, composed salads, fresh fruit, yogurt cups, cereal cups & milk, bagels, deli sandwiches, baked pasta, mac & cheese, grilled chicken, grilled salmon, beef kabobs, chicken parmesan, roasted potato, rice, grilled vegetables, eggplant rollatini, chips, snacks, cookies, desserts and lots more. They also offer daily specials plus coffee, bottled drinks and Coca Cola Free Style beverages.
*menu offerings may vary daily*

Spring 2021 Hours of Operation

Weekdays 8am – 8pm
Weekends 10am – 8pm

Currently in Quarantined Housing?

Important Information

Yes. There will be a variety of balanced food options to choose from, making it easy to customize each meal to meet your dietary preferences. For students requiring a specialized diet for medical needs, we will continue utilizing our same sophisticated program to provide individually prepared meals. Regardless of the style of eating (inside dining or take out) Dining Services will continue to provide medically appropriate meal offerings based on the dining hall menus.

Dining Services has developed full meal packages so you can use your meal swipes. You also have the ability to select from the daily menu and pay for individual menu items using your meal plan, RU Express accounts, or credit.

If you are paying with RU Express or Credit Card, you can order all your meals in one transaction and pay once at the end of your daily order.

At this time, Busch Dining Hall, Cafe West, and Kilmer’s Market will be the Dining Services locations that are open. All other Dining Services operations will be closed until further notice. Visit, for the most up to date Dining information.

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Current News

Dr. Peggy Policastro, RDN (Dining Services) was an invited speaker at the 2020 Menus of Change Leadership (Virtual) Summit where she spoke about her recently published study, Faith in Fat: A Multisite Examination of University Students’ Perceptions of Fat in the Diet. In addition to Peggy, three student members of the RU Healthy Dining Team were invited to present research posters based on studies using the dining halls as living laboratories. Portion Prejudice: Assessing College Students’ Ability to Visually Identify One Standard Portion of Plant-Base Foods vs. Non-Plant-Based Foods presented by Gabby Harrison (SEBS’ 2021), Sneaky Sweetened Beverages: Assessing College Students Knowledge of Sugar Content in Popular Beverages presented by Tiffany Chen (SEBS’21) and Around the World in 8 Plates: Assessing College Students’ Understanding of Cultural Cuisine presented by Jessica Van Wie (SEBS’ 2022).