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New Brunswick/Piscataway meal plans are based on a block plan format. This means you will select the number of meals you anticipate using for an entire semester. The meal plan you select for the fall semester will be automatically selected and charged to your term bill for the spring semester.

Meal plans are non-transferable, but you may use up to 10 of your meals each semester for guests and pre-arranged special events.

Any unused visits will expire at the end of each semester, and you will not receive any credits or refunds for unused meals. You can monitor how many visits you have left each time you use your card.


RU Express and Board Plan Office
620 George Street, Records Hall Rm 102
New Brunswick, NJ  08901
General office hours are from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday
Mar 9 to Mar 12    8am to 7pm
Spring break hours are from 8am to 5pm (Mar 13 and from Mar 16 thru Mar 20) 


New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus Meal Plans
for the 2014-2015 School Year

Click on the meal plan of interest to view description.

285 Plan .................... $2,543 per semester
255 Plan .................... $2,456 per semester
210 Plan .................... $2,293 per semester*
150 Plan .................... $2,165 per semester
110 Plan .................... $1,884 per semester*
75 Plan .................... $1068 per semester
50 Plan .................... $792 per semester

*This meal plan is considered as a minimum requirement. See below.


Meal Plan Descriptions  

285 Plan .................... $2,543 per semester

This plan allows an average of 19 meals each week, which means you could take advantage of all meal periods offered by Dining Services or enjoy two meals during the same meal period. We recommend this plan for a student with an active lifestyle or for anyone who wants the assurance of having enough meals for the entire semester.

255 Plan .................... $2,456 per semester

This plan provides an average of 17 meals each week. It is ideal for students who want the convenience of three meals each weekday. This plan also allows for an evening takeout meal once or twice during the week.

210 Plan .................... $2,293 per semester *

The 210 plan offers an average of 14 meals per week. This is a good plan for students whose schedules may not allow time for breakfast, but who want to eat lunch and dinner each day, plus a few weekend or late night meals.

150 Plan .................... $2,165 per semester

This plan, which allows an average of 10 meals each week, may be a good choice for students who plan to eat only once or twice each weekday. Remember, you also have the convenience of using up to 10 of your meals for guests.

110 Plan .................... $1,884 per semester*

The 110 plan offers an average of 7 meals each week. This is the smallest approved plan for sophomore, junior and senior resident students. If you enjoy sharing a meal with friends in the dining hall a few times each week, this may be a good plan for you.


Meal Plans for Non-Residential Hall Students

Rutgers offers two additional meal plans to fit the needs of apartment residents, commuter students and others living off campus who want the convenience of an occasional on-campus lunch or dinner. Both these plans also allow the same flexibility as the other plans, as well as the ability to use up to 10 meals each semester for guests.

75 Plan .................... $1068 per semester

The 75 offers an average of 5 meals each week. 

50 Plan .................... $792 per semester

The 50 meal plan allows an average of 3 meals each week.




Minimum Requirements

The university housing agreement specifies that students must have the minimum requirements below.

  • First Year students in residence halls must have a minimum 210 plan.
  • Upperclass students in residence halls must have a minimum 110 plan.


Medical and Dietary Considerations

Dining Services will work with students who have special dietary needs to ensure a medically appropriate and nutritionally sound diet. Complete the Medical and Dietary Consideration Form and return it to the RU Express / Board Plan Office, Records Hall Room 102, College Avenue Campus, to initiate a professional review of your nutritional and dietary concerns. You may contact the Nutritionist by clicking here.


Kosher Meal Option

Rutgers University dining halls are non kosher facilities. Dining Services does provide upon request; prepackaged kosher meals at any of the dining halls. Simply contact a dining hall manager before arriving at any of the dining hall locations to request a kosher meal be available.

Students interested in a kosher meal plan may contact Chabad House. On-campus residential students opting to purchase a Chabad House meal plan are exempt from the minimum meal plan requirement with Dining Services upon verification of participation, at a certain minimum plan size, by the Rabbi. First year residential students must sign up with at least a fourteen meal plan, while upperclassman residential students must sign up with at least a ten meal plan with Chabad to be exempt from a Rutgers Dining meal plan.


Mini Blocks 

A mini block is equivalent to 5 meals. The option to purchase mini blocks is available only to students that are currently enrolled in a Rutgers Dining Services meal plan and is available for purchase after the first two weeks of the semester. The student may only purchase a maximum of 5 mini blocks in any given semester. Contact the RU Express / Board Plan Office for instructions on purchasing.

Guest Meal Rates

Rates below remain in effect from Fall 2014 through Spring 2015.

Breakfast $8.00 plus 7% sales tax $8.56
Lunch $11.50 plus 7% sales tax $12.31
Dinner $17.50 plus 7% sales tax $18.73
Brunch $11.50 plus 7% sales tax $12.31

Rutgers Students are tax exempt by showing a valid student I.D.

Children's Rate for guests 10 and under

Breakfast $5.75 plus 7% sales tax $6.15
Lunch $8.00 plus 7% sales tax $8.56
Dinner $13.00 plus 7% sales tax $13.91
Brunch $8.00 plus 7% sales tax $8.56

Children over age 10 pay the regular guest meal rate.

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