Here’s the scenario…You have a hankering for food, so you head to the dining hall. You swipe in and just before you hit food nirvana, a group of students in black shirts beckon you to play their game. You think to yourself, “Self… play a game, answer a few nutrition questions and win a prize…I’m in!” You have now entered The Healthy Dining Team zone.


OUR GOAL: We aim to educate the college population about nutrition and to provide the necessary tools to adopt healthy eating habits while dining on campus.


READ ONE: The team writes weekly nutrition newsletters that can be found in all four campus dining halls as well as the Douglass Café and Woody’s. They are also posted around campus in the health and recreation centers. The newsletters cover topics pertinent to the college community while utilizing the most current evidence and research-based nutrition information. Each newsletter is reviewed by a Nutritional Sciences faculty member who is an expert in the field. Newsletters can be found online and on the New Jersey Dietetic Association’s website, or our website at


STOP BY: Every three weeks, The Healthy Dining Team brings a creative and interactive nutrition booth to the dining halls. The booths are a great way to test your nutrition know-how by participating in an exciting game with a chance to win a prize.


HAVE FUN: The Healthy Dining Team hosts many exciting programs through Dining Services. Check out our Facebook page (search “RU Healthy Dining Team”) for upcoming events such as our Live Cooking Shows and Iron Chef Competitions.


KNOW US: The eight-member team consists of nutritional sciences majors under the tutelage and guidance of Nutrition Specialist Peggy Policastro, M.S., R.D.   In addition to booths and newsletters, the students are also involved in research, which is conducted through surveys at our booths.


Check out RU Healthy Dining Team 
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