Cupanion is a student driven initiative as a way to reduce waste by eliminating the cup, lid and straw from the takeout process.

A Cupanion bottle is a 16 oz. stainless steel bottle that can be used for both hot and cold beverages. RUSA and The Daily Targum collaborated with Rutgers Dining Services on this new, innovative, sustainable way of handling takeout beverages by encouraging students to use reusable bottles, cutting down the waste of cups, lids and straws.

If you are a student with a meal plan, Cupanion bottles will be distributed during your first takeout meal in one of the four dining halls (Brower Commons, Busch Dining Hall, Livingston Dining Commons & Neilson Dining Hall). ONE bottle will be given per student.

If you lose your Cupanion bottle, a replacement can be purchased at the takeout area of one of the four dining halls for $8 (our cost for the bottle). You may only pay with RUExpress. Funds can be added online.

You may use your own bottle at takeout, but you will not be able to receive any points for future rewards.

Each time you use your Cupanion bottle in the dining halls, scan your Cupanion barcode with the Cupanion Rewards App to receive points. The more points you collect, the better chance you have to win gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon and more.

If your guest is not a Rutgers student with a meal plan or you would like to double swipe for yourself, an additional Cupanion bottle may be purchased for $8 (our cost for the bottle) via RU Express only or another comparably sized bottle may be used for the second beverage. There will not be any paper cups, lids or straws available at takeout.

Every student with a meal plan will be given their first Cupanion bottle to use at takeout. While using this bottle is not mandatory, it is rewarding. You can earn gifts just by scanning your bottle with your smartphone. If you are not using a Cupanion bottle, any reusable bottle of comparable size will be accepted.

Please contact RUSA at with any questions, comments or concerns.