Continental Breakfast

Rutgers Catering will provide free delivery of all orders that meet the $200 minimum. To ensure a timely setup the catering driver will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the contracted start time, so please ensure building/room access and rectangle tables are available.

All packages include appropriate paper and plastic goods, condiments and approximately two 12oz cups of fresh brewed Seattle’s Best regular, decaffeinated coffee and assorted teas.

Pricing and availability of items are subject to change. Please contact a catering representative for the most up to date information.

Menu Notes

VG: Vegan

VT: Vegetarian

GF: Gluten-Free

RB: Rutgers Bakeshop

Small Bites Breakfast


1.5 pieces per person

House made miniature muffins & Danish

Assorted Dunkin Donut Munchkins

Seattle’s Best Regular, Decaffeinated Coffee and Assorted Teas

The New York Minute


1 full size bagel and yogurt cup per person

Platter of assorted house made New York style bagels (the full size bagels with be cut into 1/2)

Cream cheese, butter and jelly Assorted Greek yogurt cups

Seattle’s Best Regular, Decaffeinated Coffee and Assorted Teas

Assorted Greek yogurt cups

A Little Something Hot


Foil wrapped breakfast sandwich on a hard roll

Pork roll, Egg & Cheese

Ham, Egg & Cheese

Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Egg & Cheese

Seattle’s Best Regular, Decaffeinated Coffee and Assorted Teas

A La Carte Breakfast Options

Apple-Cranberry Sweet Cheese Tart VT

$14.00 (cut into 16pcs and serves 8)


House made Quiche

$40.00 each (serves 8)

 “The Shroom Quiche” with mushrooms, spinach & fontina cheese VT

 “Cowboy Quiche” with bacon-cheddar-jack cheese & onions

 “Quiche Lorraine “with sweet onions, bacon & Gruyere cheese


Fresh baked scones with butter & jelly VT

$36.00 per dozen minimum of 1 selection

 Lemon

 Blueberry

 Orange

 Cinnamon


New York style bagels with cream cheese, butter & jelly

(full size bagels cut in ½)

$17.50 per dozen


Fresh baked breakfast loaves with butter & jelly VT

$ 9.00 per loaf (8-10 slices)

 Blueberry

 BananaWalnut

 Cranberry


12oz Fat free plain Greek yogurt, granola & berry parfait VT

$4.95 each


House made Swiss breakfast bowl GF/VT

Nutritious and full of fiber, made fresh with rolled raw oats, flaxseed, berries, nuts, Vanilla Soy Milk, and unsweetened coconut

$5.00 each


Fresh made Egg white and roasted red pepper whole-wheat wrap with low fat ricotta, harissa GF/VT

$6.00 each


12oz Orchard’s harvest fruit cup GF/VG/VT

$4.00 each


GF = Naturally Gluten Free VG = Vegan VT = Vegetarian