Continental Breakfast

Rutgers Catering will provide free delivery of all orders that meet the $75 minimum. To ensure a timely setup the catering driver will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the contracted start time, so please ensure building/room access and 2-8ft tables are available.

All packages include hot/cold cups, lids, stirrers and napkins as well as approximately 20 oz. cups of fresh brewed Seattle’s Best regular, decaffeinated coffee and assorted teas.

Menu Notes

VG: Vegan

VT: Vegetarian

GF: Gluten-Free

RB: Rutgers Bakeshop

Small Bites Breakfast

$6.25 | $1.50 per person

Mini Muffins & Danishes (RB)

Assorted Dunkin’ Donut Munchkins

The New York Minute


1 bagel and yogurt cup per person

Platter of Assorted New York Style Bagels (RB)
the full size bagels with be cut into fourths 

Cream Cheese, Butter & Jelly 

Assorted Greek Yogurt Cups

Streets of Paris

$6.95 | $1.50 per person

Butter Croissant (RB)

Chocolate Croissant (RB)

Butter & Jelly

A Little Something Hot


Breakfast Sandwich on Hard Roll

Pork Roll, Egg, & Cheese

Ham, Egg, & Cheese

Bacon, Egg, & Cheese

Egg & Cheese

A La Carte Breakfast Options

Apple-Cranberry Sweet Cheese Tart (VT)
$11.95 | serves 8

Homeade Quiche
$32.50 | serves 8

The Shroom Quiche (VT)
$32.50 | serves 8
w/ mushrooms, spinach & fontina cheese 

Cowboy Quiche
$32.50 | serves 8
w/ bacon cheddar jack cheese & onions 

Quiche Lorraine
$32.50 | serves 8
w/ sweet onions, bacon & gruyere cheese

Fresh Baked Scones (VT)(RB)
$27 per dozen (minimum of 1 selection)
Lemon, blueberry, orange, cinnamon 

New York Styled Bagels (RB)
$14 per dozen
with cream cheese, butter & jelly 

Fresh Baked Breakfast Loaves (RB)
$7.25 per loaf | 8-10 slices
Blueberry, Banana walnut, Cranberry

Menus of Change

Fat-Free Plain Greek Yogurt, Granola & Berry Parfait
(VT)$3.95 each
12 oz.

Homemade Swiss Breakfast Bowl (GF)(VT)
$3.25 each
with rolled raw oats, flaxseed, honey, berries, nuts, buttermilk & unsweetened coconut

Natures Bakery Bars – $15 per box of 6

Stone Ground Whole Wheat Blueberry & Fig Bar- (VG)/Kosher

Fig Bar- (GF)(VG)

Lemon Fig bar- (VG)Kosher

***The minimum order is 1 box of 6 bars for EACH variety

Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper Whole-Wheat Wrap
$4.95 each
Low fat ricotta, harissa & dried spies

Orchard’s Harvest Season Fruit Cup
$2.95 each
12 oz.