20 person minimum

Butler Style
$21.25 per person

$25 per person

Rutgers Catering staff is included for your 1 hour event. The staff will arrive approximately 2 hours prior to the contracted start time to begin setup, and will remain until cleanup has been completed. Please contact a catering rep for server charges that will apply should your event extend beyond 2 hours.

Disposable plates, forks and cocktail napkins will be provided as well as cloths for the food and beverage tables. Please notify the catering rep if you would like catering to provide tablecloths for cocktail tables or guest tables, priced accordingly. We offer the option to upgrade to china service at $3 per person.

View the ”RU Thirsty” package for your beverage options

Consider substituting a menu item with an item from the Menus of Change listed below.

Menu Notes

VG: Vegan

VT: Vegetarian

GF: Gluten-Free

RB: Rutgers Bakeshop

Hot Selections

Select four

Bella Flora Pastry (VT)

w/ ricotta & portobello mushrooms 

Mini Crab Cakes
w/ remoulade

Edamame Pot Sticker (VT)
w/ soy-ginger sauce

Franks in Puff Pastry
w/ mustard  

Spanakopita (VT)

Raspberry & Brie in Phyllo (VT)

Polenta Bites (VT)
w/ sun-dried tomato & mozzarella 

Mini Italian Meatballs 

Casino Shrimp 

Assorted Mini Quiche 

Corn & Edamame Quesadilla (VT)

Beef Short Rib Wrapped in Applewood Bacon 

Chorizo Stuffed Date 

Steamed BBQ Pork Bao Buns

Quinoa & Zucchini Fritters (VT/GF)

Green Chile Arepas (VG/GF)

Paella Croquettes with Shrimp & Chorizo (GF)

Peach BBQ Brisket Wrapped in Pork Belly (GF)

Cold Selections

Select Two

Market Crudites (VT)(VG)
w/ house made dip 

Smoked Salmon Pumpernickel Canape
w/ whole grain mustard

French Bread Crostini (VT)
w/ tomato bruschetta 

Domestic Cheese & Cracker Platter (VT)

Orchard’s Harvest Sliced Fresh Fruit (VT)(VG)

Deviled Cage Free Eggs (VT)

Cucumber & Crab Salad Canape

House made Guacamole (VT)(VG)
w/ tortilla chips 

House made Roasted Tomato Salsa (VT)(VG)
w/ tortilla chips 

House made Spinach-Artichoke Dip (VT)
w/ pita chips

Caprese Skewers (VT)
w/ balsamic drizzle

Menus of Change

These menu items comply with the Menus of Change principles for healthy, sustainable and delicious food choices. For additional information on the Menus of Changes initiative, visit: http://www.menusofchange.org/


Housemade Edamame or White Bean Hummus (VT)(VG)
w/ pita points 

Crostini (VT)(VG)
w/ olive tapenade

Housemade Sushi Rolls
w/ wasabi, ginger & soy sauce
cut into 6 pieces 

Garden Vegetable Roll  (VT)(VG)

Crab & Avocado Roll

Teriyaki Chicken & Avocado Roll