Dining’s policy on the prohibition of offering potentially hazardous foods remaining from a catered event are derived from subsections of the NJ State Sanitary Code 8:24 3.3 (y) stating that:

“After being served or sold and in the possession of a consumer, food that is unused or returned shall not be offered as food for human consumption”

This applies to potentially hazardous foods that require time/temperature controls during service of the food provided at buffets.

Dining’s Food Safety Standards stipulate that “portions of foods once offered for service, shall not be served again”

This standard applies to those foods offered for service in a manner where foods have been exposed to consumers in a self service/buffet style temporary service with no sneeze guard protection, no temperature control devices or time is utilized as the element of control. Dining’s standard includes that foods that are temperature sensitive that are exposed to consumers and not temperature controlled for a period exceeding 2 hours may not be offered for re-use or distribution.

This standard that we have in place exceeds the minimum standard prescribed by the State Sanitary Code. These standards are in place to maintain a high degree of food safety for foods offered not only in temporary catering locations, but in fixed dining facilities as well.

*For the safety of our clients, Rutgers University Catering is prohibited from providing any food service in conjunction with food items from any other source.