Camden Meal Plans 2018-2019

Meal Plan Cost Per Semester
Deluxe Plan $1,877
Basic Plan $1,657
Apartment Plan* $829

*The Apartment Plan is not available to residents of the Towers. Students residing in the Towers Residence Hall must select either the Basic Plan or the Deluxe Plan. The Apartment, Basic and Deluxe Plan are available to all other students–commuters, graduates and undergraduate residents of the apartments.

Camden campus meal plans are dollar based which means you will select the dollar amount of meals you anticipate on using for an entire semester.

Remaining balance from the fall meal plan will remain accessible to the student during the following spring semester. The same meal plan that was selected for the fall semester will automatically be assigned to the student and charged to their term bill for the spring semester.  Refunds or credits are not provided for any unused meals at the end of the spring semester for both the fall and spring meal plan.

Camden meal plans may be utilized at the Gateway Cafe (Camden Dining Hall), Starbucks in the campus center and the Bridge Cafe in the Law School.

Minimum Requirements

All students residing in the Camden Towers Residence Hall must atleast have the Basic Meal Plan.

Undergraduate students residing in the Camden Apartments (215 N. 3rd Street) and at 330 Cooper Apartments must atleast have the Apartment Plan.

Graduate and law students residing at 330 Cooper Apartments have the option of purchasing a meal plan, although it is not a requirement.

Meal Plan Requests and Adjustments

The last day to reduce or cancel a meal plan for the Spring 2019 semester is on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. 

Students may obtain and adjust a meal plan at the Financial Services/Bursar’s Office, Armitage Hall, 1st Floor, 311 N. 5th Street, Camden Campus. It is the student’s responsibility to make payment for meal plan charges placed on their term bill, regardless of whether an actual bill is sent to them or not. Remaining meal plan dollars at the end of the fall semester will rollover to the spring. In addition, the meal plan you have selected for the fall semester will automatically be charged to your term bill for the spring semester. Refunds or credits are not provided for unused meal plan dollars remaining at the end of the spring semester.

Students who have withdrawn or have prematurely terminated a housing contract must notify the Financial Services/Bursar’s Office as soon as possible to request release from their meal plan and ensure the appropriate adjustments are made to their financial record. Refunds will be determined on a prorated basis. There will be no refunds issued after the 12th week of the semester.

Medical and Dietary Considerations

Rutgers Dining Services will work with students who have special dietary needs to ensure a medically appropriate and nutritionally sound diet. Complete the Medical Dietary Considerations Form and return it to the RU Express/Board Plan Office, Records Hall Room 102, College Avenue Campus, to initiate a professional review of your nutritional and dietary concerns. You may contact the Nutritionist by clicking here.

Contact Information

326 Penn St.
Camden, NJ 08102

Phone: (856) 225-6161

If you have additional questions, please contact the RU Express and Board Plan Office.

RU Express and Board Plan Office
620 George St., Records Hall Rm 102
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Phone: (848) 932-8041
Office hours: Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm

**Terms and conditions are subject to change**