Smooth(ie) Operator | Oct. 9, 2017

If you find yourself pressed for time in the morning, grab a blended beverage for breakfast to be juiced in time for your morning class. Smoothies and fresh juices…Continue to read.


Let’s Get Saucy | Oct. 2, 2017

Although it may add flavor at the time, there is such a thing as too much sauce. Let’s be honest; Hidden Valley® Ranch should stay hidden. Many salad dressings and condiments…Continue to read.


Nutrition Knowledge: Crossword Chaos | Sept. 25, 2017

Hey you… Yes, YOU. If you are reading this, you are either a lover of all things HDT or looking to kill time in the dining hall between your classes. Instead of scrolling through the …Continue to read.


Have You Heard |

Extra! Extra! This weeks’ edition of Have you Heard may lead to a sandwich drop and head spinning episode. Rutgers Dining Services has a few surprises up their sleeve …Continue to read.


Need a Wake-Up Call? |

It’s 2:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon; you’re only one hour into your three-hour lecture. You are battling your eyelids and your eyelids are winning. How can you fight the …Continue to read.


Avocado: The alligator pear | Sept. 26, 2016

Did you know that avocados are great for fiber and fiber can help with digestive health and weight management? Avocados should not only be in our burritos, but should be incorporated in our everyday diet; The Healthy Dining Team gives the do’s and don’ts on how to do that…Continue to read.


What’s shaking with sodium? | Sept. 19, 2015

Sodium is often associated with the salt that sits next to the pepper on top of the table but in reality, sodium hides in all kinds of food, and the Healthy Dining Team provides tips on how to decrease sodium intake…Continue to read.


Fight the 15 … and win! | Sept. 12, 2016

Freshman 15 is the first thing we hear from friends and family before we head off to school. Even upperclassmen struggle with maintaining a healthy diet. Fortunately, the Healthy Dining Team has a couple of tips to prevent gaining unwanted weight and staying healthy…Continue to read.


How to get a 4.0 in Eating 101 | Sept. 9, 2016

Will the year ahead be a nutritional success or a dietary failure? The choices you make in the dining halls can be the determining factor which is why the Healthy Dining team is here to help. Here are some Eating 101 G.P.A. boosters…Continue to read.